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Going Green: Fire & Ice

Philippe Cousteau visits Iceland to see how the power of volcanos is being harnessed to provide sustainable energy

Half-hour special
Monday 11 November at 0830 GMT / 0930 CET
Tuesday 12 November at 1030 GMT / 1130 CET and 1730 GMT / 1830 CET
Wednesday 13 November at 0530 GMT / 0630 CET
Duration: 30 minutes

Part of CNN’s continued commitment to environmental programming, ‘Going Green: Ice and Fire’ is a special theme week which sees CNN’s ecological correspondent Philippe Cousteau explore the rugged and breathtaking landscape of Iceland.

Iceland is just two degrees south of the North Pole, a place where human ingenuity and groundbreaking technology are combining to harness the world’s most powerful source of energy – the molten rock which churns just below the earth’s surface.

Cousteau takes a journey across ice caps, over inhospitable and stunning terrain; even an adventure inside a volcano. Throughout the week, and in the special half hour programme, catch up with the latest in monitoring the next big eruption and how they are turning this natural force into clean and renewable energy.


The skyline of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, is dominated by the impressive Hallgrímskirkja church (credit: Getty)

Wednesday 13 November at 1030 GMT / 1130 CET and 1730 GMT / 1830 CET
Saturday 16 November at 0530 GMT / 0630 CET and 1930 GMT / 2030 CET
Sunday 17 November at 1330 GMT / 1430 CET
Duration: 30 minutes


In November ‘CNNGo’, CNN’s unique take on global destinations, heads to the world’s most northerly capital city, Reykjavik. Perched on Iceland’s south west coast, the city of hot water springs and frozen lava is home to over two thirds of the nation’s population.

While the Vikings were the first settlers to be enchanted by the city’s stunning vistas, today’s inhabitants are more trendily Scandinavian than traditionally Norse. Modern Reykjavik is a thriving cultural playground of museums and art galleries, restaurants and music venues and ‘CNNGo’ explores the best the city has to offer.

Guided by Manuel Stefansson, lead singer one of well-known Icelandic band ‘Retro Stefson’, the programme takes a walking tour around Reykjavik’s historic centre. Starting at the breath-taking Hallgrímskirkja church, Stefansson takes CNNGo around the city’s craft markets and ice cream stalls – of which natives are justifiably proud – and to a bar to soak up some of the vibrant local music scene.
CNN Business Traveller

Millenials, those born between 1980 and 2000, account for a third of all spending on business flights (credit: Getty)

Thursday 14 November at 0830 GMT/ 0930 CET
Friday 15 November at 0530 GMT / 0630 CET
Saturday 16 November at 0730 GMT / 0830 CET and 1630 GMT/ 1730 CET
Duration: 30 minutes


Millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000 – are the future global decision makers. Millennials currently account for a third of US spending on business flights, and this is predicted to rise to fifty per cent in 2020. This edition of ‘CNN Business Traveller’, presented from America’s tech and new media capital San Francisco, examines how the global travel industry is being affected by the lifestyles and priorities of this new generation.

Millennials are the antithesis of stereotypical business travellers – they’re overwhelmingly less male, more ethnically diverse and have a completely different outlook from their baby boom and generation X forbears. Host Richard Quest speaks to major industry players, including Facebook’s global head of travel Lee McCabe and Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson, about how they plan to tap into this lucrative emerging demographic.

Also in the programme, Quest takes a walk around San Francisco’s coolest neighbourhood, SoMa, with futurist and trendspotter Josh Rubin and Rosie Tomkins meets with CEO of partner-matching app and social phenomenon Tinder, for a chat about how Millennials are turning to their mobile devices to help them cultivate an active social life whilst on the road.


Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain explores urban decay and community regeneration in Detroit, Michigan

Friday 15 November 1600 GMT / 1700 CET
Saturday 16 November 2000 GMT / 2100 CET
Duration: 1 hour

The final episode in the second series of ‘Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown’ visits the American city of Detroit. Few cities have experienced as dramatic a rise and fall as the Motor City. Bourdain explores the extent of the city’s urban decay, touring the once famed and now derelict Packard Automotive Plant, and meets locals who are determined to rebuild their communities in spite of the hostile economic climate.

Open Court

Serena Williams, the most successful player in women’s tennis (credit: Getty)

Thursday 21 November at 1030 GMT / 1130 CET and 1730 GMT / 1830 CET
Saturday 23 November at 1730 GMT / 1830 CET and 0830 GMT / 0930 CET, 2200 GMT/ 2300 CET
Sunday 24 November at 1730 GMT / 1830 CET
Duration: 30 minutes

November’s edition of ‘Open Court’ is an end-of-season special. The WTA ends this year in Istanbul while the ATP stages their season ending finale at the 02 in London. As the biggest tennis stars in the world play their closing matches, and ‘Open Court’ host Pat Cash rounds up the big headlines.

The show also follows Serena Williams as she chases history. Williams has won 17 grand slam titles – and hopes to level the field with Martina Navratilova & Chris Evert by taking home the grand prize at the Australian Open in January. ‘Open Court’ is in Istanbul to talk to members of William’s inner circle to find out what makes the best player in the women’s game tick.