October 24th, 2013

DUI video confessor Matthew Cordle: “No fair sentence when it comes to loss of life”

Matthew Cordle, who confessed to drunk driving and killing a man in viral video, appeared on “New Day,” after receiving a sentence of 6 ½ years in prison. Cordle talked about the night of the accident, his sentencing, the victim’s family, and his problem with alcohol. Cordle told CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo that he did not have a motive behind creating and publishing the video.

“There is really no fair sentence when it comes to loss of life,” Cordle said. “It’s just time and time won’t bring back the victim unfortunately. I’m just glad that the family can have some measure of closure. And I hope that they find peace throughout this.”

Cordle added, “Drinking is definitely something I’ve been struggling with my whole life since I began it. I’ve always drank heavily and drank often.”