July 24th, 2013

Jay Carney: “Optimistic” student loan deal reached, rates will “remain low;” immigration reform will happen

CNN’s Chris Cuomo interviewed White House Press Secretary Jay Carney this morning on New Day about President Obama’s economic speech, student loans, housing, immigration and the administration’s record to date.

“We are very optimistic that there has been a deal reached in the Senate to resolve the situation regarding the loan rates for students across the country,” said Carney. “And we believe that will come together. And we’ve been pushing for it. The President insists on it so that students and their families across the country won’t see their loan rates double. So that represents progress.”

When Cuomo asked if the student loan rate agreement would be a teaser rate that would jump at a future date, Carney responded, “The compromise that is coming together in the Senate does ensure that rates remain low because that’s what the President insists on and what leaders in both parties have said they want to see happen.”

On immigration, Carney added, “Enough pressure will be brought to bear on House Republicans that they will act, and we will see comprehensive immigration reform arrive on the President’s desk so that he can sign it.”

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