July 18th, 2013

CNN exclusive on plight of families chasing the European dream

This morning, CNN published Europe’s Lost Children, an exclusive multimedia enterprise story on the struggles children face while entering Europe illegally to flee persecution in Afghanistan. Via an interactive digital magazine format complete with maps, video and photos, the piece emotionally captures two narratives: one mother separated from her two children and a teenager who gives up on his dream of a new life in Europe.

CNN’s Irene Chapple gained unprecedented access into the lives of the mother and children, travelled to Germany and Greece, and spent months talking with them so the CNN audience could experience their story. At a time when Greece struggles with extreme unemployment and strikes across the country, Europe’s Lost Children explains the context of the social pressures of immigration and prejudice in European cities.

The story will air on Connect the World on CNN International today and Friday at 10:00pmCET. To follow and join the conversation on Twitter, use the hashtag #lostchildren and go to www.cnn.com/lostchildren.