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May 17th, 2013

CNN Exclusive: Mario Balotelli – I was unfairly treated in England

In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Pedro Pinto (@pedrocnn), AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli says he believes he was treated […]

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May 16th, 2013

Former abductee to Cleveland kidnap victims: “Savor this joyous feeling as long as possible”

Natascha Kampusch, who was just 10 years old when she was abducted while walking to school in Vienna, Austria, speaks […]

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Stephanie Elam Joins CNN as Los Angeles based Correspondent

Stephanie Elam will join CNN as a correspondent based in Los Angeles, it was announced today by Terence Burke, vice […]

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‘First on CNN’ from Jake Tapper: Witness protection program lost two former “known or suspected terrorists”

From Jake Tapper, CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent: The U.S. Marshal Service has been “unable to locate” two former […]

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May 15th, 2013

Boston’s Adrianne Haslet-Davis on dancing again and giving Anderson Cooper dance lessons

Adrianne Haslet-Davis lost her foot in the Boston bombings. A month later, she can envision returning to the dance floor […]

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AC360 – Boston dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis on her road to recovery

A month after Adrianne Haslet-Davis’ foot was amputated, the Boston bombing survivor talk to Anderson Cooper and describes the challenges she faces.

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Rep. Darrell Issa to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “The president set exactly the right tone…”

Today on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) spoke with Wolf Blitzer about the release of the […]

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CNN’s Chris Lawrence gains exclusive access inside Guantanamo Bay

CNN Pentagon correspondent Chris Lawrence is reporting this week from Guantanamo Bay with exclusive access and interviews. Lawrence reported on […]

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Jake Tapper reports on White House release of Benghazi e-mails

By Jake Tapper, CNN Chief Washington Correspondent The White House released more than 100 pages of e-mails on Wednesday in […]

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Bangladesh survivor speaks to CNN’s Leone Lakhani

After spending 17 days trapped beneath the rubble of a collapsed building, 19-year-old seamstress Reshma talks to CNN’s Leone Lakhani […]

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