March 18th, 2013

CNN Digital Gains on Yahoo!-ABC News Network

Page views up double digits for CNN Digital, Down for Yahoo!-ABC

CNN Digital Hits All-Time High on Mobile, Maintains Five-Year Stretch as No. 1

In February 2013, CNN Digital Network maintained its spot as the second most trafficked destination for news and information while tightening the gap with the combined Yahoo!-ABC News Network.  With 1.8 billion page views – an increase of 28%, CNN Digital closed in on Yahoo!-ABC’s 2.3 billion page views – down 52%, over the previous February.

In page views for the month, CNN Digital held its lead over the competition:

  • CNN Digital Network (1.8 billion)
  • HPMG News by 27% (1.4 billion)
  • NBC News Digital by 72% (1.1 billion)
  • Fox News Digital Network by 93% (951 million)
  • New York Times Digital by 184% (647 million)
  • USA Today Sites by 207% (598 million)
  • CBS News by 239% (542 million)

CNN Digital Network also posted gains in unique visitors with 65 million in Feb. 2013 (+11%), while Yahoo!-News dropped 7% (83 million) year over year.

For the month, CNN Digital maintained its lead in uniques:

  • CNN Digital Network (65 million)
  • HPMG News by 6% (62 million)
  • NBC News Digital by 26% (52 million)
  • CBS News by 78% (37 million)
  • USA Today Sites by 99% (33 million)
  • New York Times Digital by 101% (32 million)
  • Fox News Digital Network by 124% (29 million)

(source: comScore Media Matrix, Feb. 2013)


In February, 35% of CNN Digital’s total U.S. traffic came from phones and tablets – an all-time high.  26 million users – another all time high – turned to CNN Digital in January (latest available data) for news on the go, adding to CNN’s five-year run as the No. 1 source for mobile news.  

  • CNN Digital Network (26 million)
  • Yahoo!-ABC News Network by 38% (18.8 million)
  • Fox News Digital Network by 60% (16.2 million)
  • Google News by 167% (9.7 million)
  • NY Times Company by 254% (7.3 million)
  • MSNBC News by 306% (6.4 million)

(source: Nielsen Mobile View, Jan. 2013 – latest data avail)


In video, CNN Digital Network totaled 101 million streams in Jan. (latest data available), up 30% from last year. Ranking only behind the combined total of Yahoo! News Websites, it surpassed the next nearest competitor, NBC News Digital Network, by 35% and was nearly 3 times higher than Fox News Digital Network.

(source: Nielsen, Jan. 2013 – latest data avail)


  • CNN remained #1 in social mentions, topping all TV and Digital competitors
  • CNN-branded Facebook fan pages have a total of over 11M+ fans. CNN-branded Twitter fan pages have a total of over 38M+ fans.
  • (source: Facebook & Twitter API. Mentions are via Sysomos domestic mentions only.)