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CNN Narrows The Gap With MSNBC

The Network Tops MSNBC during Dayside 

CNN Evening Programs Show Growth vs. a Year Ago; FNC has Steep Declines in Key Demo 

In February, CNN narrowed the total day gap with MSNBC to only -9k in total viewers (424k vs. 433k) and -11k in 25-54 (130k vs. 141k). At its recent monthly peak (October 2012), the gap was -180k in P2+ and -72k in 25-54.  Last month it was -43k in P2+ and -26k in target demo.

CNN also topped MSNBC during dayside programming (9a-5p) in both total viewers (475k vs. 412k) and in the key demo 25-54 (129k vs. 119k) this month. 

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