January 30th, 2013
10:57 PM ET

AC360: Ray Kelly "No easy answer to handgun problem"

Tonight on AC360°, Anderson Cooper spoke with NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly talks about the weapons and laws that he says fuel crime in his city.

Programming note: tomorrow, Anderson will host a special town hall from George Washington University on the topic of gun violence and gun control.

Guests include lead voices on the topic and those who have been personally affected by recent gun violence.

Anderson Cooper 360° Town Hall: Guns under Fire will air later that night at 8pm ET on CNN. Videos and transcripts will be available.

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January 30th, 2013
10:39 PM ET

AC360: Ed Lavandera looks into the dark history of Ravens' Ray Lewis

Tonight on AC360, Ed Lavandera looks back at the murder case that could have disrupted Ray Lewis' career 13 years ago. He plans to retire after he plays in the Super Bowl for the Ravens this Sunday.

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January 30th, 2013
10:22 PM ET

Piers Morgan Tonight: Joe Jackson opens up about hearing of his son's death

On Piers Morgan Tonight, Piers sat down for a rare exclusive interview with Joe Jackson, the father of legendary pop icon Michael Jackson, and his former manager Dieter Wiesner.

In the interview Jackson opened up about the day he heard about his son’s death, he said “The saddest part about the whole thing was Michael tried to reach me.  He says, ‘call my father’—this was before he passed – ‘he would know how to get me out of this.’”  The elder Jackson also talked Michael life towards the end, saying “They treated him like Howard Hughes…the family couldn’t get to him, you know, like they should have.  And that was very wrong for that to happen.”

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January 30th, 2013
06:00 PM ET

VP Biden on Pres. Obama and his administration’s key agenda items in the second term

CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger sat down for an exclusive interview with Vice President Joe Biden at the White House ahead of the inauguration. Biden spoke with Borger about the administration’s key agenda items in the second term, his relationship with the president and his role going forward. Visit http://on.cnn.com/T6ba6n for more information on the interview.

MANDATORY CREDIT: CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger

Vice President Joe Biden, "The real President Obama has exercised force responsibly as - as boldly and as, uh, as bravely as any president in American history.  This is the guy who's not backed away.  And he's also ended wars that almost every military man out there will tell you we should not be engaged in again. The idea of getting engaged in a ground war in a country that's in transition is not a prescription any military man would suggest.  And to suggest that two - two war heroes, one with a Bronze Star, a medal - a - a Purple Heart, Silver Star, taking over both the foreign - excuse me - the State Department and Defense, is a dove - or - or whatever the phrase was, is, um, is - is ridiculous."


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January 30th, 2013
10:45 AM ET

Bleacher Report Branded Sports Programming to Air on CNN

Turner Sports and CNN to Produce Kickoff Special Live from New Orleans, Host City of Super Bowl XLVII on Saturday, Feb. 2;

Daily Bleacher Report Sports Updates to Debut on CNN and HLN Tuesday, Feb. 5

Turner Sports and CNN will partner to produce Bleacher Report branded sports programming including long-form specials and daily sports updates that will air on CNN and HLN, it was announced today by Lenny Daniels, executive vice president/chief operating officer for Turner Sports, and Ken Jautz, executive vice president, CNN/U.S.


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Bill Gates op-ed on CNN.com: Grade teachers, help students
January 30th, 2013
10:27 AM ET

Bill Gates op-ed on CNN.com: Grade teachers, help students

Bill Gates published an op-ed on CNN.com saying that it is worth investing in better metrics to measure teaching methods. The entrepreneur turned philanthropist writes, “understanding great teaching means the opportunity to receive feedback on the skills and techniques that can help them excel in their careers,” which, in turn, poises students for further academic success.

That's why the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supported the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project, a three-year collaboration of teachers and researchers, to develop reliable measures that identify outstanding teaching.

Gates' op-ed is on CNN's Opinion section, and he will also be interviewed this Sunday on Fareed Zakaria: GPS, airing at 10 a.m. ET and 1 p.m. ET.