January 22nd, 2013

Biden to CNN on 2016

CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger sat down for an exclusive interview with Vice President Joe Biden at the White House.  Borger on her interview with Biden, “You know, I think they have a good cop, bad cop thing going on with the two of them.  The president yesterday clearly set out his agenda and gave the Republicans nothing to kind of hone in on there, but Joe Biden’s the closer.  Joe Biden’s the person who cuts the deals on Capitol Hill.”  An embeddable video link and highlights from the interview are below.

MANDATORY CREDIT: CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger


Highlights from the Interview:

BORGER:  Looking ahead four more years, you’ve made it clear in one way or another that you are considering a presidential bid of your own.  Is there any reason you wouldn’t run?

There are a whole lot of reasons why I wouldn’t run.  I haven’t made that decision and I don’t have to make that decision for a while.  In the meantime, there’s one thing I know I have to do no matter what I do.  I have to help this president move this country to the next stage.

We’re out of the God awful situation we were in the first time we were sworn in, two wars, the economy in the tank like it hadn’t been since the great depression.  We’re beyond that.  Now I’ve never been more optimistic in my life.

We are in a position where we are able to be to the point where we can bring this debt under control, a sound financial policy, energy independence in a way we’ve never thought about before.  We’re respected by the world again like we haven’t been for the last 20 years.

BORGER:  So are you ready to run against Hillary Clinton in 2016?

BIDEN:  Look, I haven’t made that judgment and Hillary hasn’t made that judgment, but I can tell you what, everything that should be done over the next two years that I should be part of would have to be done whether I run or I don’t run.

If this administration is successful, whoever is running as a Democrat is better position to win.  If we are not successful, whoever runs as a nominee is going to be less likely to win.

BIDEN:  You know, I’ve done this before.  I’m the guy that passed assault weapons ban.

BORGER:  More than 20 years ago.

BIDEN:  Yes.  And because the so-called Biden crime bill had a life span of 10 years and had to be renewed during the Bush administration, there was no desire in 2004 to renew it.  But that doesn’t mean there’s still not a consensus for a bulk of what we’re proposing.

BORGER:  So can you guarantee that the president will sign some form of general legislation?

BIDEN:  Look, I can’t guarantee anything that the Congress is going to do, you know that.  But I can guarantee you that the president and I are absolutely committed to take this fight to the American people for a rational gun safety policy in America.

BIDEN:  If there was an ah-ha moment whether the job was worth it was when he asked me to coordinate Iraq policy to end the war in Iraq early on in the administration. So on behalf of President Obama — and I was able to say to the American troops assembled, gentlemen and ladies, you are dismissed because you have done the job that you are sent to do and like all Americans you are going home with nothing, but your pride and the knowledge of a job well done.

I got off that stage.  It was a moving moment for me.  Went back, picked up the phone.  I said, I’ve been kidding you about whether this job is worth it.  Thank you.  Thank you for asking me to do this job.  It has made it all worth it.