January 14th, 2013

Piers Morgan Tonight: Asa Hutchinson on arming guards on campuses

One month after the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT “Piers Morgan Tonight” welcomed NRA consultant, Asa Hutchinson to the program.  Tonight, he detailed some of the reasons behind the current NRA initiative to arm guards outside of America’s educational institutions:

“My job is to come up with some good solutions to help our school districts and our states, to look at this. When the President comes out with his proposals, I do hope that he provides a federal partnership for providing funds for training of the armed presence in the schools to help our local school districts,” said the former under-secretary of Homeland Security. “Right now, virtually every school district in America is looking at better ways to assure the safety of their children.”

Noting that he can understand why many people would find the NRA’s plan to seem sensible, Piers Morgan did express concern that weapons would send the wrong message, and create the wrong environment, for students and their communities:

“There is a fear that if you start loading up firearms around schoolchildren, all over America, what you’re basically doing is militarizing schools. Where do you stop? You have to militarize almost everywhere that children may be, and that is everywhere,” theorized Morgan. “So America becomes this kind of paramilitary country.”