January 9th, 2013

Former marine on gun ownership: “We can’t give up our rights because we are afraid”

Last night, “Piers Morgan Tonight” continued it’s focus on the issue of “Guns in America,” inviting a former marine to explain why he objects to registering his personal weapons.

A veteran of Afghanistan, Joshua Boston recently drafted an open letter to Dianne Feinstein, the U.S. Senator from California, in which he says he will refuse to reveal what type of arms he owns, even if a ban on assault rifles is passed.

Joining host Piers Morgan for a live interview, Boston explained why he’s against such a bill, making a case for the merits of owning assault weapons:

“The American people aren’t as gun-happy and trigger-happy as they’re being painted out to be by the media. They are smarter than that. They know when to hold their fire. They know when to fire,” said Boston. “We can increase the chances of success for these people that get caught in situations for their survival by education. We’ve got to stop making this a taboo subject to everyone because it’s scary. We can’t give up our rights because we are afraid.”