November 14th, 2012
03:44 PM ET

Buffett: No recession, even if we go over fiscal cliff

In an exclusive interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow, Warren Buffett says if the United States goes over the fiscal cliff for a few months the country will not go into a recession.

Later in the interview, he endorses Hillary Clinton for President in 2016, reveals that he donated to one Republican this year (Rep. Scott Rigell from VA - because he disavowed his pledge to Grover Norquist) and says he still has no interest in Facebook.

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November 14th, 2012
01:33 PM ET

CNN Digital Network maintains top rank; posts double-digit growth in October

In October CNN Network maintained its market leadership position, beating nearly every news competitor in both unique visitors and page views.  Ranking behind only Yahoo!-ABC News Network, CNN increased its gain over NBC News Digital, and earned more visitors than Huffington Post Media Group, CBS News, Fox News Digital Network and New York Times Digital.

With 68 million unique visitors for the month, CNN Network was up 13% over last month and defeated the competition:

  • HPMG News by 7% (64 million)
  • NBC News Digital by 22% (56 million)
  • CBS News by 55% (44 million)
  • Fox News Digital Network by 92% (35 million)
  • New York Times Digital by 93% (35 million) FULL POST

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PREVIEW: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 48 & 49
Becky Anderson at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar in ‘The Gateway’
November 14th, 2012
12:42 PM ET

PREVIEW: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 48 & 49

Leading Women

Indian biotech trailblazer Kiran Mazumdar & well-loved Argentine media personality Susana Giminez

Wednesday 28 November at 1030 GMT / 1130 CET and 1730 GMT / 1830 CET
Saturday 1 December at 0530 GMT / 0630 CET and 1930 GMT / 2030 CET
Sunday 2 December at 1330 GMT / 1430 CET


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November 14th, 2012
09:45 AM ET

Sen. Murray: Go over fiscal cliff, if GOP won't let tax cut for wealthiest expire

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) says that if Republicans do not agree to let tax cuts expire for Americans making over $250,000 per year, the country should go over the fiscal cliff, which would allow automatic cuts in spending and the expiration of all tax cuts to go into effect. If this happens, Murray would like to pass a tax cut for those making under $250,000 at the beginning of next year.

Sen. Murray says, “I think the Republicans have a decision today. They need to decide whether they’re going to stay and protect the wealthiest Americans from participating in this challenge that we have, and if they do that, then we have no other choice but to go into next year when all the Bush tax cuts expire and start over. I don’t want to do that. I don’t think we should do that, but that’s what they could force us to do.”

When CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien asks if agreeing to go over the fiscal cliff is irresponsible, Sen. Murray responds, “The alternative to that, is if they insist on their position, is even worse. Middle class families… are going to bear the entire burden of our fiscal challenges. Whether it’s cuts to education, whether it’s changes to Medicare and Social Security or whether it’s they themselves having to pay additional taxes. What we’re saying is it has to be fair. Everyone has to participate. And we can’t continue to allow the Republicans to exclude one group of people, those making over $250,000 a year from paying their fair share. That’s what we’re fighting for.”

Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien airs weekday mornings from 7-9a ET on CNN.

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November 14th, 2012
08:52 AM ET

Gingrich: Pelosi has delivered for Obama, "probably will stay;" Petraeus made "human mistake"

Newt Gingrich opens up about the future of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the controversy over David Petraeus. Later in the interview, Newt and Callista Gingrich discuss their new books.

Gingrich says, “My hunch is that the president will ask [Nancy Pelosi] to stay and then she'll stay. But I think he sees a team he's worked with for four years. She and Harry Reid have delivered for him consistently, and my guess is he'll say to her, can't you stay a little bit longer, and my guess is she probably will stay.”

Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien airs weekday mornings from 7-9a ET on CNN.

November 14th, 2012
08:32 AM ET

Rep. Steve Israel on Pelosi, fiscal cliff compromise and LIPA

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) says that he hopes House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi retains her position and discusses the impending fiscal cliff and LIPA power outages.

When CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien asks about Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) statement that President Obama does not have a mandate from the election, Rep. Israel responds, “Solutions have a mandate. This election was about solutions. People are tired of the gridlock…. Compromise has a mandate. And so we go into a new session of Congress and we go towards this fiscal cliff, again, having stated we want compromise. We want solutions. We want - and by the way, in this election, most of the Tea Party generals, you know, the icons of the Tea Party, they ended up getting defeated in this election, and so that's the mandate we have.”

Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien airs weekday mornings from 7-9a ET on CNN.