October 23rd, 2012

CNN’s Starting Point: Sen. Kerry: Mitt Romney was the ‘campaigner-in-confusion’

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) tells CNN’s Soledad O’Brien that Mitt Romney agreed with many of President Obama’s foreign policy initiatives at the final debate and “changed his position” on Afghanistan. O’Brien points out that some critics say the economic recovery under President Obama has been “sluggish.”

Sen. Kerry says, “But honestly I was stunned by a candidate who came and shifted almost all his positions, and he’s hiding his positions. I mean, his real positions have been the ones you’ve been hearing for months.”

He continues, “Soledad, he’s been running for president for seven years. He has either been lying to the base, the Republican base, ought to be outraged today because the man who’s been running to win the nomination was taking a whole bunch of different positions.”

On the economic recovery, Kerry says, “Soledad, look at what we had to dig out of. We’re at the brink of taking off. Ask anybody in business. People, the confidence of our country is up.”

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