October 21st, 2012
10:14 AM ET

Tonight on #CNN: energy special – The GPS Road Map For Powering America

The modern world requires energy, and most of that comes from fossil fuels.  On Sunday, Oct. 21 at 8:00pm and 11:00pm ET & PT, CNN’s and Time’s Fareed Zakaria takes an in-depth look at the future of energy – how technology is yielding breakthroughs in improving energy efficiencies and achieve extractions of fossil fuels from domestic sources.

Zakaria guides viewers on a virtual tour of Denmark, France, Germany, and the U.S. to speak with energy researchers and policy influencers working in renewables and fossil fuels for the latest on energy innovations – and how new developments are already changing the future.  Interviews include climate change expert and director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center Bjørn Lomborg, natural gas producer Cheniere Energy CEO Charif Souki, head of generation and engineering at Électricité de France Hervé Machenaud, Vestas Wind Systems CEO Ditlev Engel, physicist and innovator Amory Lovins, and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman.

Global Lessons: The GPS Road Map for Powering America airs on CNN at 8:00pm and 11:00pm Eastern and Pacific.


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October 21st, 2012
09:29 AM ET

Fareed Zakaria's Take on the presidential debates

In advance of the last presidential debate on Monday, Oct. 22, CNN's Fareed Zakaria looks at the contrasts of ambitions laid out by the two candidates during the last debate.

CNN's special live coverage of the last presidential debate, which will focus primarily on foreign policy issues, begins with America's Choice 2012: Debate Night in America and starts at 7:00pm ET&PT.