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October 15th, 2012

AC360: Sec. Clinton Takes Blame for Attack in Benghazi

Tonight Anderson spoke with Fareed Zakaria and Fran Townsend discussing the timing and motivation behind Secretary Clinton telling CNN’s Elise […]

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Secy Hillary Clinton: ‘I take responsibility’ for Benghazi

From Elise Labott, reporting from Lima, Peru on CNN’s OutFront Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the bucks stops with […]

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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer talks with moderator Candy Crowley ahead of Tuesday’s debate

Today on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Candy Crowley, CNN’s chief political correspondent and anchor who will moderate […]

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Wolf Blitzer explains the format for Tuesday’s presidential debate.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer explains the town hall format for the second presidential debate as prepared by the Presidential Debate Commission. […]

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Giuliani suggests Libya cover-up by Pres. Obama

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani tells CNN’s Soledad O’Brien that there was a cover-up by President Obama and the administration regarding […]

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