October 4th, 2012

John Berman debate fact check on Medicare, tax cut, deficit claims

CNN Anchor John Berman analyzes President Obama and Mitt Romney claims on Medicare, tax cuts and the deficit during the first presidential debate.


  • PRES. OBAMA CLAIM: Romney is proposing $5 trillion in tax cuts for wealthy – Berman determines that this claim is FALSE, because Romney plans on offsetting these cuts by closing loopholes and reducing deductions.
  • ROMNEY CLAIM: His proposed tax cuts won’t add to the deficit. Berman gives this claim an INCOMPLETE because the candidate hasn’t laid out specifics on how he would pay for the tax cuts.
  • ROMNEY CLAIM: Pres. Obama is cutting $716 billion from Medicare that will affect current people in the program. Berman says that his is also FALSE as Pres. Obama’s Affordable Care Act allows for a reduction in the rate of growth over time, in which money is coming from insurers and providers, but not from beneficiaries.

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