September 20th, 2012

Fact: CNN Opinion section reaches highest traffic in August

It’s no longer an opinion that’s Opinion section is incredibly popular among digital audiences. The most recent numbers available show that the section has seen its highest traffic numbers ever in the last two months. In July 2012, the magic number was 25 million and August 2012 saw 37 million page views.

So what’s their secret? It’s a triple threat of compelling content, a deep bench of regular CNN contributors (I’m looking at you, John Avlon, William Bennett, Gloria Borger, Donna Brazile, Bob Greene, David Frum, LZ Granderson and Ruben Navarette) and of course it is due to the guest writers that bring their expertise and points of view to the online conversation. Just this week, in addition to our regulars, we’ve had articles from political comedian Dean Obeidallah about the need for media to be more thoughtful when covering #MuslimRage, world affairs columnist Frida Ghitis writing about the protests in China and the Middle East and yesterday’s Kofi Annan article about the importance of maintaining integrity and building trust among democracies in the midst of the nation’s political elections.