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September 11th, 2012

Sara Sidner reports from Syrian refugee camp in Jordan

On Tuesday’s Newsroom International, CNN international correspondent Sara Sidner reports from outside Mafraq, Jordan at the Zaatari Refugee Camp, where […]

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CNN Examines ‘Our Mobile Society’

Editorial initiative examines the impact of mobile technology on our lives Beginning this week through October 7, 2012, CNN will […]

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Bloomberg remembers 9/11: ‘Freedoms are fragile’

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg talks to Starting Point about 9/11 anniversary, the memorial and museum, and the Chicago […]

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Giuliani: “Upset” memorial isn’t finished; “Hope [Mayor Emanuel] wins”

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani reflects on the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, and weighs in […]

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