August 30th, 2012
06:30 PM ET

Paul Ryan on Mitt Romney's speech, GM plant and VP debate prep

Today vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan sat down with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer at the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida. Ryan to Blitzer regarding GM plant in Janesville, “Well, it's still idle. The president is, this is the story of the Obama economy - a man running for president in 2008 making all these grand promises and then none of them occurring. He got elected.  He put his policies in place and the plant still shut down.” Highlights from the interview are below and a full transcript will be posted on This interview aired today on CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer in the 4 p.m. ET hour.

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August 30th, 2012
06:26 PM ET

Tonight: The McCains talk to Piers Morgan about the GOP platform

Tonight, on the last day of the Republican National Convention, Cindy and John McCain talk to CNN's Piers Morgan about the GOP platform, Rep. Todd Akin’s recent comments about abortion, and what they meant for the party.

The McCains respond to the infamous 'legitimate rape' comments made by Rep. Todd Akin and discuss how it affects the overall GOP platform and presidential election. “As a woman, I’m sorry for that,” says Mrs. McCain. “But it’s also not the most important issue that is driving this campaign."

"I agree it was harmful to our party," the senator says. "What Mr. Congressman Akin was talking about was not abortion. It was about rape. That's why all of us find it totally unacceptable what he said. We were offended that he should state such a thing."

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August 30th, 2012
08:59 AM ET

Fehrnstrom returns to "Starting Point" to talk "Etch A Sketch" comment, Ryan speech accuracy

CNN Anchor John Berman asks Romney Senior Advisor Eric Fehrnstrom about GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan speech accuracy and his “Etch A Sketch” comment (resetting the election after primary) on his previous visit to Starting Point.

Berman states, “You know, Eric, that a decision to close that [GM] plant [in Janesville, WI] was made in June of 2008 when President Bush was in office. What Paul Ryan said there was clearly misleading.”

Fehrnstrom says, “No, he didn’t talk about Obama closing the plant, he said candidate Obama went there in 2008 and what he said was with government assistance, we can keep this plant open for another 100 years.”

Berman asks Fehrnstrom about his thoughts on the “Etch A Sketch” comment he made earlier this year on Starting Point, pointing out that other prominent Republicans are still talking about Romney having the chance to reintroduce himself to the American public.

Fehrnstrom responds, “The point I was making back then is that the campaign in the general election is going to be different than the primary campaign in this sense. In the primary campaign we had eight opponents. We were talking about the legislative record of some of those opponents like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Today we’re in a different situation. It’s a one-on-one contest with President Obama. And I think what we’re looking forward to is the opportunity to debate the President in October three times and I think what people will see in that setting is a person in Mitt Romney who is extraordinarily qualified to lead at a time of crisis in this country. He has a plan to put America back to work. And we can compare that to the failures of the Obama administration over the last four years in creating jobs and getting this economy in order.”

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