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July 24th, 2012

Arwa Damon reports on Syria’s chemical weapons threat

CNN’s Arwa Damon appeared on Monday’s edition of The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer to discuss Syria, including the Arab […]

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VIDEO – Victim’s father to @andersonCooper “The coward’s in jail…Let’s move on to the victims. Never talk to him again”

Last night on Anderson Cooper 360, anchored live from Aurora, Colorado, Anderson spoke with the father, girlfriend and best friend […]

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Timothy Ray Brown to Sanjay Gupta: HIV completely gone

Sanjay Gupta sat down for an exclusive interview with Timothy Ray Brown. He’s known as the ‘Berlin patient’, the only […]

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Ivan Watson reports from Syria’s ‘Street of Death’

CNN’s Ivan Watson visits the bullet-riddled ghost town of Atareb, Syria, where just a handful of residents remain. “My son […]

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July 23rd, 2012

Bobby Bowden: ‘I’m not rejoicing.’

Bobby Bowden, now the winningest coach after NCAA sanctions on Penn State, talks with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about the ruling […]

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Dave Cullen: Psychopaths are quite rare

‘Columbine’ author Dave Cullen talks with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about why we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the alleged killer, […]

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Former co-worker: James Holmes had “no incidents” at camp; seemed like a “nice guy,” but isolated

Gabriel Menchaca, who worked as a summer camp counselor in 2008 with Colorado movie theater shooting suspect, was “shocked” when […]

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NCAA fines Penn State $60 million

This morning, the NCAA imposed a $60 million sanction on Penn State University. These funds must be paid into an […]

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Shooting victim from hospital bed: “I do wonder why”

Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting victim, Christina Blache, who served in the Air Force, gives her reaction from a hospital […]

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Shooting victim describes bullet injury, shares thoughts on James Holmes

Movie theater shooting victim McKayla Hicks describes getting hit in the mouth by a bullet and expresses her thoughts on […]

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