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Chicago Alderman on Chik-fil-A: There will be consequences if there are discriminatory practices

Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno joins Starting Point to discuss his work with Chik-fil-A involving traffic congestion issues and non-discriminatory policy.

Moreno says, “I said from the beginning, it’s not about what people believe or what they say. That’s protected, and I would be the first to protect any of that. If those beliefs transfer into a policy, the discrimination, hiring, or in serving, then that’s when I have an issue.”

When CNN Contributor Will Cain asks if he is suggesting that the company has been engaging in discriminatory practices, Moreno replies, “Well, I would suggest that if you’ve never heard that, if you talk to the Civil Rights Agenda, which is an LGBT group that’s dealing with some issues just like that in terms of firing or being felt unwelcome and inappropriate in their hiring of individuals that are in the LGBT community. They’re working on that.”

He continues, “My point was with beliefs have consequences, if those beliefs turn into actions and actions of discriminatory policy or the lack of protections for LGBT people, that’s the issue. It’s not the belief. If their belief turns into action, there are consequences and I’ll clarify my statement.”

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