July 25th, 2012

Rep. Randy Forbes: Come November negative ads won’t matter, votes based on economic policies

Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) explains to CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien on Starting Point why negative ads won’t be a deciding factor in the election and how Americans will be “basing their votes on their pocketbook.”

Rep. Forbes says, “The president spent about $10 million attacking Governor Romney, and so far most of that boomerangs back against the people that are running these negative ads, regardless of what party you’re in.”

He continues, “But I still believe that as we head closer to the election, Americans are focused on one thing, and that is the economy, getting it turned around, and getting the jobs they feel they need.”

Soledad O’Brien questioned the congressman about Governor Romney’s higher unfavorable view percentage. She says, “I think people would say a candidate whose unfavorable outweighs the favorable is a big problem, isn’t it?”

Rep. Forbes responds, “I think once the American people get to see more of who Governor Romney is, that favorability is going to increase. And again, once they walk into that polling booth in November, I think it’s going to be all about the economy and jobs. I think that’s what’s going to win this for Governor Romney.”

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