July 23rd, 2012

Shooting victim describes bullet injury, shares thoughts on James Holmes

Movie theater shooting victim McKayla Hicks describes getting hit in the mouth by a bullet and expresses her thoughts on shooter James Holmes.

Hicks says, “They say this guy was a genius…. He obviously had some brains. It’s just real devastating that God gave someone so much talent that they just put it to horrible use and ruined people’s lives. Caused so much harm to people; hurt them so bad.”

She continues, “[I’m] just grateful [the bullet] didn’t hit anywhere else…. I’ve heard stories of people getting hit in the head, neck, arm, leg, and I just picture myself in their shoes…. I’m just grateful it didn’t shatter my jaw or my go to my throat…. But my heart goes out to those that were seriously wounded or even anyone affected by this because it hurt so many people.”