May 23rd, 2012

CNN coverage: Egypt’s presidential election

Egypt’s presidential election started Wednesday, and CNN’s Hala Gorani (@HalaGorani) and senior international correspondent Ben Wedeman (@bencnn) are in Cairo covering this historic event.

Day Two Content:
Ben Wedeman speaks to Egyptians about the presidential elections, and what route they want the country to go.

Watch Hala Gorani’s interview with activist and author Wael Ghonim, who says he’s optimistic the election process will be fair and transparent.

Ben Wedeman visits a polling station in a Cairo suburb on the second day of the Egyptian elections.

Day One Content:
Watch Hala Gorani discuss the significance of the Egyptian elections with Ambassador Nabil Fahmy.

Watch Fareed Zakaria discuss the obstacles to Egypt’s future and read his piece ‘The real obstacle to democracy in Egypt’.

Read Ben Wedeman’s piece ‘Old politics joins new in Egypt’.