April 26th, 2012

Handshakers & Babykissers: Tales of loss, love & law

Gingrich, Paul and Edwards…Oh my! Whether they’re bowing out, rallying fervent admirers or taking the stand, these politicos have caused quite a stir this week — and CNN has been in on the action.

LOSS: Yesterday we learned that Newt Gingrich is abandoning the GOP race for the presidency – good news for Mitt Romney but a major loss for the supporters who admired the former Speaker’s controversial opinions and sharp one-liners. LOVE: Then there’s the revered Ron Paul whose passionate fan base has kept his campaign alive despite a dire delegate count. LAW: And who better than John Edwards, the fallen-from-grace attorney turned politician, to make legal headlines this week. CNN has been on top of the Edwards trial which continues to unearth the details of the man with the perfect hair’s sordid affairs.

So without further ado, 5 tasty bites about loss, love and law in politics from CNN.com: