April 25th, 2012

Rep. Schweikert on AZ immigration law: You cannot use racial profiling

Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ), who helped draft the Arizona immigration law, joins Early Start to discuss the case before the Supreme Court.

Rep. Schweikert says, “I believe four or five times into the drafting of the legislation it speaks out very clearly. You cannot use racial profiling. It has to be a legitimate stop. There has to be a legitimate legal violation and there has to be a legitimate suspicion that someone is here illegally. There’s all sorts of safe guards built into the legislation, but, literally you hear commentators. You’ve actually done a terrific job, but others who go on and on and on as if their hair is on fire and seem to forget all the safeguards that are in the current law.”

He continues, “So, it’s less about Arizona being able to defend itself from a legal immigration because the federal government isn’t doing its job. It’s now this is good for Democrats to promote their base and actually even for Republicans to promote their base, and it’s completely blurred the impact it’s having on Arizona.”

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