April 10th, 2012

Magic Johnson on Trayvon, new play, Dodgers buy, HIV

Magic Johnson sits down with CNN anchor Zoraida Sambolin to talk HIV, Trayvon Martin, Dodgers, the new Broadway show “Magic/Bird” and his relationship with Larry Bird.

On Trayvon Martin, Johnson says, “All of us are still wondering what’s going to happen. Here in America we’re still dealing with situations like this. It’s very unfortunate, because also a lot of us have sons. Sons who wear hoodies and caps turned backward, and they’re not doing anything. That’s the fashion of today. And so, it could really happen to our sons. That’s what the NBA players are thinking, that’s what I’m thinking. I hope that justice is served and I hope that they get down to making sure they have a thorough investigation.”

He continues, “The black community has seen days like this so many times.”