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March 15th, 2012

Mississippi Convicts Perks Before Pardon

CNN’s Ed Lavandera reported on two Mississippi convicted murderers that received driver’s licenses and bought cars before being officially pardoned […]

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Abramoff advice for Blagojevich: Prison a ‘horrific experience;’ being celebrity is not fun

On Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien, former Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff discusses his experience at Englewood Federal Prison in Littleton, […]

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Puerto Rico rep.: Santorum view on English language adoption for statehood is narrow, limiting; ‘it’s a non-issue’

On Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien, Rep. Pedro Pierluisi (D), of Puerto Rico, discusses Rick Santorum’s comment about the requirement […]

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Fmr. CIA head of Bin Laden unit on US soldier: could be moved back to Afghanistan

On Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien, Gary Berntsen, former commander of the CIA’s Bin Laden unit in Afghanistan, discusses the […]

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