March 13th, 2012

Sandra Fluke on Starting Point: It’s been ‘difficult;’ discusses Op-Ed and responds to criticism

Sandra Fluke, Georgetown law student who has become a focal point in the contraception debate, discusses her Op-Ed released today and responds to criticism on her stance on contraception.

When CNN’s Soledad O’Brien asks her how the last couple of weeks have been for her, Fluke responds, “They’ve been difficult to say the least, but I’m doing okay.”

Fluke adds, “One of the other low points in this process has been the misinformation that’s being put out to the public about this debate and that’s one of the main reasons that I wanted to submit the Op-Ed. Because I wanted people to understand that this is neither government subsidized contraception nor is contraception as incredibly cheap as some people have shared.”

When CNN contributor Will Cain asks if they can agree that the debate is about whether employers should determine health care benefits or if the government should have certain requirements, Fluke replies, “…. Well, not exactly. I think there are multiple ways to limit access. Certainly making something illegal would be the most extreme form. Not covering it as a health care benefit the way other types of health care benefits are covered is another way to limit access and that’s what many women across the country are currently experiencing… even if they have insurance, co—pays can be as high as $50 a month which is significant for a woman not making a lot of money.”

Fluke then disagrees with Cain when he asks if her logic can be applied to so many other things that health care doesn’t cover such as gym memberships.

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