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New Docu-Series from Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman, in association with HBO and Mark Herzog, Premieres Thursday, June 11 Premiere Episode Explores TV of the ‘70s and Features Legendary Producers and Actors including Hanks, Garry Marshall, Norman Lear, Bob Newhart, Valerie Harper, LeVar Burton and More CNN will launch the new eight-part documentary series, The Seventies, […] Full Post

Spotted: George Clinton at the CNN Grill at SXSW
March 11th, 2012
08:40 PM ET

Spotted: George Clinton at the CNN Grill at SXSW

George Clinton came by the CNN Grill at South by Southwest today to do an interview with CNN Newsroom's Brooke Baldwin. Then came the surprise. After the interview, Clinton made his way to the CNN beer garden to perform a few songs for the crowd gathered outside.

For photos of George's appearance, click here. Credit: John Nowak/CNN.

Also, check out CNN's Live Jam Line up here.

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March 11th, 2012
08:25 PM ET

Social and war at the CNN Grill

Tonight at the CNN Grill at SXSW, the topic was about the impact of social media and mobile technology on the media’s coverage of war and revolution.  Moderated by Peter Bale, CNN Digital’s general manager for international, CNN’s Ivan Watson, who has just arrived from both Syria and Iran, and PBS Frontline’s Azmat Khan discussed how these social tools have changed the news….and the newsmakers.


Topics: CNN Digital • SXSW
March 11th, 2012
01:17 PM ET

Sen. Reid on Afghanistan: "our timetable is pretty good"

Today on CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada spoke in an exclusive interview about the shooting of Afghan civilians by a U.S. service member and the timeline for U.S. troop withdrawal from that country.

REID: Well, of course, our hearts go out to these innocent people. One of our soldiers went into a couple of homes and just killed people at random. Very, very sad, especially following that incident dealing with the Korans, just not a good situation. Our troops are under such tremendous pressure in Afghanistan. It's a war like no other war we've been involved in. But no one can condone or make any suggestion that what he did was right because it was absolutely wrong.

I think that we're on the right track to get out of Afghanistan just as soon as we can. There's a way we have stabilized some of the provinces there. There's conversations going on with Karzai now. We've turned over the big prison to them, in the next six months, we'll turn that over to them. So I think - I think our timetable is pretty good. We're moving out, as the president said. I think that's the right thing to do.

A full transcript of the interview may be found here.