March 10th, 2012

Celebrity, Paparazzi and Walking off the Earth

Tonight’s interview at the CNN Grill featured Kevin Mazur’s upcoming documentary “$ellebrity.”  Show Biz Tonight’s A.J. Hammer sat down with Mazur, Matthew Lillard of the “The Descendents” and’s Gillian Sheldon to discuss the topics covered in the film: a new breed of citizen paparazzi, celebrity overexposure and the price of fame in a social media-driven society.

After the panel,’s Katie Caperton intro’ed Canadian band “Walk Off the Earth,” who played a song for the exclusive audience.  Their YouTube video claimed 60 million views in just six weeks, earning them a manager and a record deal almost overnight.

Click for images of the “$ellebrity” panel.  Credit: John Nowak/CNN

Tomorrow will be a panel on Weapons of Mass Disruption with CNN’s Ivan Watson, who is just back from Syria, PBS Frontline’s Azmat Khan and Sohaib Aftar, the Pakistani citizen who inadvertantly tweeted the raid on Osama bin Laden.