March 9th, 2012

Rick Perry at the CNN Grill: Always Remember the Third Thing

Tonight at the CNN Grill, CNN Gov. Rick Perry stopped by the CNN Grill for an intimate conversation with CNN’s Peter Hamby.  Hamby spoke to Texas Gov. Perry as he reflected on his Presidential bid and the remaining candidates.  When asked by Hamby what he would do in 2016, Perry responded: “work on some debate skills and always remember the third thing.”

Leading up to the Perry/Hamby conversation, Hamby discussed the dark art of online politics with GOP digital consultant, Wesley Donehue, and Nathan Daschle, former executive director of the Democratic Governor’s Association and co-founder of, for a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly tactics being used to influence the 2012 race for the Presidency.

Tomorrow, CNN will host another conversation on “$ellebrity: The Risks and Rewards of Online Fame.” Show Biz Tonight’s A.J. Hammer will preview Kevin Mazur’s upcoming documentary “$ellebrity” and discusses a new breed of citizen paparazzi, celebrity overexposure and the price of fame in a social media-driven society. Hammer will be joined by Matthew Lillard of the “The Descendents” and’s Gillian Sheldon, a true pop celebrity expert.

For images of the event, please view and download from this link.  Please credit: Edward M. Pio Roda/CNN