March 5th, 2012

Rep. Cantor: Romney is only candidate ‘with a plan;’ White House not consistent on Iran

On Starting Point, Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) talks to CNN’s Soledad O’Brien about his endorsement of Mitt Romney and how the White House is handling Iran.

Cantor says, “Mitt Romney is really the only man in the race who has a plan, a bold pro-growth plan to create jobs and get this economy back on track. And this is an essential issue for this election. It is about how we’re going to make the economy better, how we’re going to get small businesses back in gear to begin to grow jobs…. And Mitt Romney is the only person in the race who has ever created a job. He is the one who understands how to run a business, how to get fiscal affairs of the country straight so we can start growing the economy again.”

When asked if the primaries have been bad for the Republican Party, Cantor responds, “Whether it’s bad or good, we’re at the point now that I think people are tired of the differences and let’s see if we can produce results. That’s what Mitt Romney’s candidacy is about, coalescing about the things we can agree on, it’s not just for Republicans, it’s for Independents, like-minded Democrats to come together to see how we can fix this economy and get people back to work.“

On the White House’s reaction to Iran, Cantor continues, “What we’ve seen and what the other governments and allies in the region are seeing is a White House whose commitment has not been consistent. If you look at Iran’s other actions in the Middle East, whether it has to do with Syria, whether it has to do with Egypt, or its support of the proxies in Hamas and Hezbollah, the question is where is the American injection of influence to try and address these situations? There’s been a lot of rhetoric coming out of White House, but, yet, the follow-through is questionable.”

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