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March 30th, 2012

Curtis Sliwa: Zimmerman was ‘mad dogging’

Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels explains to CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien what George Zimmerman did wrong in his Neighborhood […]

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Benjamin Crump: Phone records suggest Trayvon’s girlfriend heard his interaction with Zimmerman

Benjamin Crump, attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family, sits down with CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien to discuss details of the case. […]

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Piers Morgan Tonight: George Zimmerman’s brother speaks out for the first time

Thursday night Piers Morgan sat down exclusively with George Zimmerman‘s brother Robert Zimmerman. Robert shared with Piers how he is […]

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CNN Presents – NCAA graduation rates, “Scary Guy,” and Aquille Carr replays April 07, 2012

CNN’s Drew Griffin and Randi Kaye host a three-story magazine program this weekend that includes a report by Kaye on […]

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CNN’s ‘Starting Point’ panel debates influence of Zimmerman’s dad in the Trayvon Martin case

Retired officer Lou Palumbo joins the Starting Point panel of CNN contributor Will Cain, National Urban League President Marc Morial […]

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Specter shares memories of Ted Kennedy, Ronald Reagan

On Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien, former Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) shares some stories from his new book “Life Among […]

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Dave Kopel: Zimmerman wasn’t the victim; “Stand Your Ground” doesn’t apply

Dave Kopel, NRA member and author of “Firearms Law & the Second Amendment,” states Florida “Stand Your Ground” law does […]

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March 29th, 2012

AC360 – New Witness Speaks Out About Trayvon Martin Shooting

A new eyewitness – who has never told their story and actually saw the shooting take place – spoke to […]

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AC360 invu with Dr. Julian Bond: Anti-Gay Marriage Group’s E-Mails ‘Scary’

Former chair-person of the NAACP, Dr. Julian Bond says it’s “scary” the National Organization for Marriage thinks they can move […]

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Soldier’s lawyer: Afghan shooting case ‘tough to prove’

The attorney representing Robert Bales, the American soldier accused of shooting and killing 17 civilians in Afghanistan says his client […]

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