December 16th, 2011

‘CNN On The Frontlines’ Premieres Friday at 8p.m. ET

CNN’s international correspondents join Anderson Cooper for a one-hour special presentation of their personal reflections of the international breaking news they covered in 2011, including the fall of long-held dictatorships in Egypt and Libya, and the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  CNN On The Frontlines will broadcast on CNN and CNN International on Friday, December 23, at 8p.m. (ET), with Matthew Chance, Arwa Damon, Hala Gorani, Kyung Lah, Nic Robertson, Sara Sidner, Ivan Watson and Ben Wedeman.

In a rare studio gathering of CNN’s international correspondents, Cooper interviews them about life reporting on the frontlines, as well as the latest developments and challenges for media in covering current stories overseas. CNN’s correspondents reflect on some of the memorable moments of 2011, including: Chance’s reporting while held hostage inside the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli by regime forces; Damon eluding government minders in Syria to cover the underground Syrian resistance movement; Gorani’s reporting from Cairo as the regime released camels into crowds of democracy protesters in Tahrir Square; Sidner’s reporting from Tripoli as rebels advanced on the city; Lah’s reporting live from Japan on the earthquake and tsunami; Robertson’s exclusive discovery of the Lockerbie bomber ailing with an oxygen mask in a villa in Tripoli; Watson’s report from Egypt’s Tahrir Square as the uprisings became dangerous for journalists; and Wedeman’s reports as the first Western television journalist to enter Libya after the uprisings.

When Cooper asked if stories stay with them, Robertson answered, “I’ve experienced on several occasions, I will sit on the plane on the way home and it’s the first time when you can stop and you’re not focusing on the next story and you’re beginning to disconnect and disengage and the tears are rolling down my face and I can’t stop it, and I don’t want to stop it because that’s part of the release. I’m lucky when I go home.  I walk in the front door and I’m dad, I have two girls and a lovely wife, and I like running and that dissipates some of it.  But why do we go out again? Because ultimately, we believe it does make a difference.”

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