September 29th, 2011
09:28 AM ET

'Dr. Klein did not do anything medically inappropriate'

In an exclusive interview on HLN, Jane Velez-Mitchell talks with Dr. Klein's lawyer, Garo Ghazarian, who told Jane that his client did not do anything medically inappropriate.

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September 29th, 2011
05:22 AM ET

The Anthrax Mystery – CNN’s Joe Johns Investigates

Death by Mail: The Anthrax Letters Debuts Sunday, October 2 at 8:00p.m. and 11:00p.m. ET & PT

CNN’s Joe Johns reports for a documentary investigation into the anthrax letter attacks of 2001.  Letters written with jihadist language and laced with deadly anthrax spores were sent via U.S. Mail to members of the news media and Congress in the weeks following the September 11 attacks on New York City and the Pentagon.  Five people were ultimately killed and 17 others were sickened by exposure to the letters directed to The New York Post, Tom Brokaw at NBC News, Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD), Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), and others.

Drawing from recently released FBI and Justice Department documents of what is officially called the Amerithrax Investigation, Johns tells the story of the complex, seven-year investigation into what happened and who was allegedly responsible for the deadly letters, explaining the bizarre turns in the bioterrorism case that extended the nation’s horror.

The one-hour documentary, CNN Presents: Death by Mail – The Anthrax Letters, debuts Sunday, Oct. 2 at 8:00p.m. and 11:00p.m. ET & PT, and replays on Saturday, Oct. 8 at 8:00p.m. and 11:00p.m. ET & PT on CNN/U.S. FULL POST

September 28th, 2011
09:07 PM ET

Piers Morgan Tonight: Actress Goldie Hawn on being "properly in love"

 Tonight, actress Goldie Hawn sat down with Piers Morgan to talk about her family,  her career,  and her new book,  "10 Mindful Minutes: Giving Our Children- And Ourselves-The Social and Emotional Skills to Reduce Stress And Anxiety For Healthier, Happier Lives." Piers asked his favorite question, "How many times have you been properly in love and she relied, "Properly is really kind of the key," Her final number? "Maybe three."

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September 28th, 2011
08:16 PM ET

Herman Cain: African-Americans have been brainwashed into not being open-minded

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer spoke with Herman Cain today about 2012 politics and more. This interview aired during CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. A highlight from the interview is after the jump and a full transcript of the program will be posted at

Please credit all usage of the interview to CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

CNN Political Ticker: Cain: Black community 'brainwashed' into voting for Dems
September 28th, 2011
06:45 PM ET

Adm. Mullen discusses Pakistan with Zakaria

CNN's Fareed Zakaria interviews Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, about the recent escalation of words between the U.S. and Pakistan.  Pakistan's Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani denies any official government links between elements of Pakistan's intelligence service, ISI, and the terrorist Haqqani Network, which has been connected to attacks on coalition troops in Afghanistan.   Admiral Mullen acknowledges some positive cooperation between Pakistan and coalition forces, but urges that Pakistan's government needs to take additional steps to stop Haqqani Network activities in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region.

This interview will air in its entirety on FAREED ZAKARIA GPS on Sunday, October 2 at 10:00am ET and PT on CNN/U.S., and at 4:00pm ET on CNN International.

September 28th, 2011
05:00 PM ET

'The bottom line is Romney is wrong ... And Perry is right on this one.'

CNN’s John King sat down with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) to discuss presidential politics and more. This interview will air today on John King, USA at 7 p.m. ET. Two highlights from the interview are after the jump and a full transcript of the program will be posted at FULL POST

CNN Political Ticker: Bloomberg: Perry's right on immigration

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September 28th, 2011
02:41 PM ET

Peace Corps helps women in Costa Rica

American volunteer Donna Shanor is working to empower women in Costa Rica.

The U.S. Peace Corps is celebrating 50 years.

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'OutFront' debuts this week @ 7pmE
(Left to Right) Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett and Piers Morgan attend the party for 'OutFront' in New York City on Tuesday, Sept. 227, 2011
September 28th, 2011
02:18 PM ET

'OutFront' debuts this week @ 7pmE

Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan attend the party launching Erin Burnett's new show.  'OutFront' debuts Monday, Oct. 3 at 7pmE on CNN.

CNN’s Belief Blog wins OJA, resonates with users
September 28th, 2011
12:59 PM ET

CNN’s Belief Blog wins OJA, resonates with users

Over the weekend,’s Belief Blog won an Online Journalism Award for topical reporting/blogging within the large website category. With only a year and a half under its belt, the Belief Blog provides rich content that shines a light on the faith angles of today’s big news stories and that consistently receives more than 35,000 comments and more than 8.5 million page views per month. (Source: Omniture, Jan.- Aug. 2011)

At a time when religion news coverage is on the decline, the Belief Blog has resurrected the beat with a new approach – covering religion in a way that appeals to religious and nonreligious readers alike, offers a spectrum of perspectives and showing that you can’t understand much of the news without knowing something about religion. And it’s working. To give you an idea of the blog’s diverse range, recent topics include Church Leadership post for an Openly Gay Mormon, Google Makes 5 Dead Sea Scrolls Searchable and The Gospel According to Justin Bieber.

To read more content, watch video, and join the lively conversation, visit the Belief Blog.

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Sanjay Gupta | MD
Sat & Sun 7:30am ET
September 28th, 2011
10:22 AM ET

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta and HLN's Dr. Drew Pinsky discuss propofol

As the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial begins, CNN chief medical correspondent and practicing neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta demonstrates how the drug propofol works.  Improper usage of propofol is at the center of the trial dispute.  Later, Dr. Gupta also discussed propofol with HLN's Dr. Drew Pinsky.  Dr. Pinsky is a practicing physician and is board certified in internal and addiction medicine.  Dr. DREW airs nightly on HLN at 9:00pm ET & PT.

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