May 23rd, 2011 exclusive on ‘The War at Home’

For almost 6 years, CNN reporter Moni Basu has followed Spc. Shane Parham’s life and career, meeting him 2 months after he was deployed to Iraq with a National Guard brigade from Georgia.  Leading up to Memorial Day, has published an exclusive three-part series on what Parham saw and did in Iraq and how it changed him.  Like thousands of other veterans, Parham came home to fight the war on another front – against post-combat stress, alcoholism and feelings of loneliness.

The War at Home: One soldier’s story chronicles Parham’s life from national guardsman to sheriff’s deputy to re-enlisted national guardsman to convicted criminal.  Including original video, photos of Parham throughout his life and in-depth stories from Basu’s years of interviewing the solider, Parham’s journey is a sobering reminder of the challenges that troops face overseas and at home.