May 10th, 2011

Royal Wedding, Op-eds drive traffic for CNN Digital in April

CNN’s Coverage showed gains online, on mobile and across social media

In April, was up over last year with 1.45 billion global page views and 100.2 million global video views due in large part to CNN’s coverage of the Royal Wedding (see full numbers below) and’s Opinion section. Opinion had its best month ever with 18.9 million global page views, 61% higher than last year.  The top five writers in the Opinion section for April were CNN contributor LZ Granderson, CNN senior political analysts Gloria Borger, best-selling author Bob Greene, senior political columnist for The Daily Beast John Avlon and syndicated columnist and NPR commentator Ruben Navarrette Jr.

Additionally, Granderson’s article on clothing choice for little girls was the top story on overall, generating 2.8 million global page views and 346,000 global video starts.  It received 440,000 Facebook ‘recommends’ on and on the Facebook fan page, the story received nearly 5,000 likes and comments.  (Source: Omniture Sitecatalyst)

Royal Wedding brings users to CNN Digital globally

 On the day of the Royal Wedding, Friday, April 29, CNN covered the big day online, on mobile and across social media.

The day of the Royal Wedding, served:

  • 67 million global page views, a 31% gain over the prior 4-Friday average.  Over 11 million of those page views were related to Royal Wedding coverage, including to Unveiled,’s blog devoted to the big day.
  • 10.3 million live and on-demand video views, up 236% over the prior 4-Friday average.
  • Two of the top 5 videos on were related to the Royal Wedding (Best Moments with 1 million global video views and Princes kisses bride with more than a half-million global video views).
  • 750 thousand live video streams.
  • 338 submissions to CNN iReport’s Open Story: Royal Wedding with 150 vetted for use on CNN.

(Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst)

The day of the Royal Wedding, CNN on Mobile served:

  • 9.7 million global page views on mobile web, up 35% from the prior 4-Friday average.  The 2nd most-popular page on mobile web was Wedding day gallery with more than 1 million page views.
  • 129.6 thousandUSvideo views on mobile web, up 500% over the prior 4-Friday average. (International video starts not available)
  • 109% increase for global downloads over the prior 4-week average for the CNN App for iPhone and iPod touch
  • 60% increase for global downloads over the prior 4-week average for the CNN App for iPad.
  • 334.3 thousand video views for on iPad, a 1400% gain over the prior 4-week average.

(Source: Bango Analytics., iTunes Connect)

CNN across Social Media for the Royal Wedding:

  • CNN’s Facebook page had 1.9 million fans and CNN’s Royal Wedding page had 26,000 fans through Friday.  Also, more than 7,800 users commented on’s Royal Wedding page while watching a live stream (and replays) of the wedding.
  • @CNN had 1.9 million followers, @cnnbrk had 4.2 million followers, and @royalweddingcnn had 30,000 followers on Twitter.  On Friday, @CNN had 10 tweets about the Royal Wedding, which generated 1,900 re-tweets; @cnnbrk posted 1 time and was re-tweeted over 700 times.  From 4am-9am ET, there were over 8,000 mentions of the #CNNTV hash tag.
  • Royal Wedding coverage on CNN had over 42,000 check-ins and 17,000 stickers awarded via GetGlue, which generated approximately 14 million estimated impressions on both Facebook and Twitter.