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April 21st, 2011

Parents of missing journalist speak out on John King, USA

CNN’s Jessica Yellin interviews the parents journalist James Foley, who is detained in Libya.

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Exclusive: Donald Trump deposition on his net worth revealed on “In the Arena”

Tonight on In the Arena, CNN host Eliot Spitzer and senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin reveal first-hand information from a […]

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Trump’s wife: presidential talk not a stunt

Last night, HLN’s Joy Behar interviewed Melania Trump, wife of possible presidential candidate Donald Trump, who discussed presidential talk not […]

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CNN iReport Royal Wedding contest winner appears live on HLN’s Showbiz Tonight

The winner of the CNN iReport Royal Wedding contest, Jason Sauter, was interviewed live via Skype yesterday on HLN’s Showbiz […]

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Trump calls into CNN

Potential presidential candidate Donald Trump calls into CNN’s American Morning to defend his belief that President Obama may not have […]

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General Clark: More help coming to Misrata

During “In the Arena” former NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Wesley Clark says more support is coming to rebels fighting […]

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