February 8th, 2010

CNN Continues Coverage of Haiti Earthquake


CNN offers continuous coverage of the situation in Haiti on all platforms as no one else can.  As this tragic story unfolds, stay connected with updates on our air, CNN.com, our Twitter list – http://twitter.com/cnnbrk/haiti, and blogs.

Full online coverage available at

CNN staffing in Haiti as of February 24, 2010

**CNN currently has about 22 people on the ground in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Soledad O’Brien, CNN anchor and correspondent
Gary Tuchman, CNN correspondent
David McKenzie, CNN correspondent


Haitians await news in Paris
Quake survivor arrives home
‘We need more help’
Quake affects NBA player
Haiti disaster relief
China business week ahead
‘I’m very grateful’
Quake hospital tour
‘Thankful I’m alive’
Coordinating quake relief
Haiti successful rescue
Haitian prison destroyed
Beyond Port-au-Prince
Facetime with Ummaya Toukan
Haitian burial
Taiwan offers Haiti quake aid
Girl , 11, pulled from rubble
Baby sitter looking for parents
Son found alive in Haiti
Sanjay Gupta aids 15-day-old baby with head injury
Jonathan Mann B-T-S
Ivan Watson, 11 yr. old trapped
Anderson Cooper with Clinton:
Anderson Cooper package of a young girl rescued from rubble:
Exclusive video of aftermath
Gary Tuchman walking on the street of Port au Prince:

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