CNN Has All The Ratings Momentum In January
January 27th, 2015
03:45 PM ET

CNN Has All The Ratings Momentum In January

Narrows Gap with Fox News to Lowest in Years; Overtakes MSNBC in All Categories

CNN is Up +70% vs. Last Year; Fox News Declines Double-Digits, MSNBC Sheds Nearly 40% of its Audience

CNN Ranks #1 in Total Day and M-Su Primetime among 18-49

New Day Beats Morning Joe in Viewers and Demo; Brooke Baldwin Ranks #1 at 2pm and 3pm; Erin Burnett Grows 100%

CNN had all the ratings momentum in January, with the cable news network closing out the month firmly ahead of MSNBC in all key dayparts in both total viewers and the demo 25-54 rating and also narrowing the gap significantly with Fox News to the closest margin in six years (since January 2009).  CNN has now beaten MSNBC for the seventh straight month in Total Day among both demos, and in M-Su/M-F Primetime in the demo, the longest streak across these dayparts and demos in six years (since November 2008).  CNN (and HLN) are up from year-ago in all categories, with CNN posting the largest growth in cable news.  MSNBC is down double-digits in all three key dayparts among both demos, posting the largest declines.  Fox News is seeing double-digit losses in Total Day among both demos, and in M-Su/M-F Prime among total viewers. CNN also ranked #1 in Total Day and M-Su Primetime among 18-49.

On weekday mornings, CNN’s New Day registered its highest ratings ever in January and posted its largest monthly share of the cable news morning audience since 2009.  The program also easily beat MSNBC’s Morning Joe, topping Joe for four straight months in total viewers and seven consecutive months among A25-54.  Fox and Friends posted its lowest delivery since 2001.

This month, CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin at 2pm and 3pm ranked #1 in the demo 25-54, beating Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson (2pm) and Shepard Smith Reporting (3pm). CNN’s weekday Primetime programs all registered enormous growth especially in the key demo (Outfront with Erin Burnett up +100%,  AC 360 up +81%, CNN 9pm programming up +91% and CNN Tonight up +47%) while Fox News was up single-digits (+4%) and MSNBC lost a whopping -45% of its weekday Primetime audience.  CNN’s D.C.-based and Sunday morning programming all posted significant growth and easily topped MSNBC this month. FULL POST

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Discover CNN on Snapchat!
January 27th, 2015
10:35 AM ET

Discover CNN on Snapchat!

Now Snapchat users can get their daily download of news and information from CNN, right inside the app. Through Snapchat Discover, a new section that launched today, users will be able to peruse articles, photos and video from 10 different partner publishers, including National Geographic, ESPN and CNN.

 “CNN’s Discover channel lives natively within the app - built from the ground up, exclusively for Snapchat. It’s beautiful, informative and driven by great images and video,” said Samantha Barry, CNN’s head of social news. “This partnership provides us another avenue to showcase our creativity, and share CNN's brilliant coverage and storytelling with new audiences."


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President Obama interviewed by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in India for CNN's New Day
January 27th, 2015
09:32 AM ET

President Obama interviewed by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in India for CNN's New Day

The following excerpt is from an interview between President Barack Obama and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in New Delhi, IndiaThe President spoke with Zakaria as he concluded his state visit to India and spoke about the passing of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia for CNN’s NEW DAY.

The full interview between Zakaria and the President will air inside CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS international affairs program on Sunday, February 1st on CNN/U.S. at 10:00am and 1:00pm and on CNN International at 7:00am.  All times Eastern.

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FAREED ZAKARIA, Host of CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS:  So when Americans think about Saudi Arabia and specifically, I think they find it almost incomprehensible; this is a place where a blogger is sentenced to 1,000 lashes for expressing his opinions, where women can't drive, they can't work without a male member of the family's permission.

What would you say to them if they asked, why are we so closely allied with this regime when we now out-produce it in oil?

BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  Well, what we'd say to them is that it is important for us to take into account existing relationships, the existing alignments within a very complicated Middle East, to recognize that we have strategic interests in common with Saudi Arabia and that even as we work on those common interests, for example, countering terrorist organizations, that we are also encouraging them to move in new directions, not just for our sake but more importantly for their sake. FULL POST

January 26th, 2015
06:48 PM ET

President Obama interviewed by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in India

Interview to Premiere on CNN’s NEW DAY on CNN/U.S.

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS Global Television Exclusive

President Barack Obama will sit down with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria for a wide-ranging interview from New Delhi as the President concludes his state visit to India.

Portions of the interview will air first on CNN’s NEW DAY on Tuesday, January 27, beginning at 6:00amET and then air throughout the day on programs across CNN, CNN International, CNN en Espanol, and on

The full interview will air on CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS international affairs program on Sunday, February 1st on CNN/U.S. and CNN International.

Interview topics will include U.S.-India relations, the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, recent terrorism events in the Middle East and Africa, the long conflict in Ukraine, the fall of the U.S.-allied government of Yemen, and more.

In September 2014, Fareed Zakaria was the first person to interview Prime Minister Modi since Mr. Modi’s election as Prime Minister of India.


In the United States on Tuesday, January 27 (U.S. Eastern Time):

  • CNN/U.S.: 6:00a.m.


In the United States:

Saturday, January 31

  • CNN International: 9:00p.m.

Sunday, February 01 (Eastern Time):

  • CNN International: 7:00a.m., encore at 10:00p.m.
  • CNN/U.S.: 10:00a.m., encore at 1:00p.m.


Preview: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 5&6
This month’s ‘CNN Ones to Watch’ is dedicated to dance, with choreographer Frank Gatson
January 26th, 2015
12:54 PM ET

Preview: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 5&6

CNN Ones to Watch

This month’s ‘master’ Frank Gatson, choreographer to many global stars

This month’s ‘master’ Frank Gatson, choreographer to many global stars

Friday 13 February at 1030 GMT/ 1130 CET and 1630 GMT / 1730 CET

Saturday 14 February at 1430 GMT / 1530 CET and 2030 GMT / 2130 CET

Sunday 15 February at 0130 GMT / 0230 CET

Monday 16 February at 0430 GMT / 0530 CET

Tuesday 17 February at 1030 GMT / 1130 CET and 1730 GMT / 1830 CET

Wednesday 18 February at 0430 GMT / 0530 CET and 0930 GMT / 1030 CET FULL POST

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UPDATE: "Voices of Auschwitz" to air Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 9pm ET
January 26th, 2015
11:54 AM ET

UPDATE: "Voices of Auschwitz" to air Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 9pm ET

***UPDATE: "Voices of Auschwitz" will now air Wednesday, January 28 at 9PM ET.***

Eva Kor arrived at Auschwitz with her mother and twin sister in 1944, when she was just 10-years old. That day on the selection platform was the last time she would ever see her mother again. Eva’s mother was sent directly to the gas chamber. For the next nine months, Eva and her sister Miriam were housed in a rat-infested bunk with 300 other children and subjected to medical experiments daily. Despite the daily torture, Eva was determined to survive, telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “I was not going to perish here in Auschwitz.” When liberation finally came on January 27, 1945, Eva and Miriam were at the front of the line as the children were led out of Auschwitz.

This one-hour special report, airing on the 70th anniversary of the camp’s liberation, will look back at the atrocities committed at Auschwitz through the eyes of those imprisoned there more than 70 years ago.  In addition to Eva Kor, three other survivors tell their stories of torture, loss, hopelessness and, finally, liberation and survival.

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CNNMoney Presents: Sex, Drugs & Silicon Valley
January 26th, 2015
08:30 AM ET

CNNMoney Presents: Sex, Drugs & Silicon Valley

Monogamy is overrated. Illegal drugs can make you smarter. And sex – it can be hacked.

The current wave of tech innovation and disruption is changing the way the world works. The next wave could change the way the world thinks.

CNNMoney’s technology correspondent Laurie Segall examines how Silicon Valley’s innovators’ are moving on from gadgets and targeting your personal life in the new CNN digital series – Sex, Drugs & Silicon Valley.

The latest CNN Digital production debuts across CNNMoney’s platforms on January 26, with all five episodes premiering at once. Smart drugs. Psychedelics. Swingers. Polyamory. Burning Man. You don’t want to miss it.

Watch the series at, join Segall for a Reddit AMA at 12pm ET, Monday January 26 where she’ll take questions and follow the conversation using #SexDrugsSV.


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January 25th, 2015
02:25 PM ET

Santorum: "record levels of legal immigration" hurting jobs & wages

Today on CNN’s State of the Union, former senator and presidential candidate, Rick Santorum (R-PA), joined CNN host Michael Smerconish (Smerconish airs Saturday’s at 9:00am EST on CNN/U.S.). Santorum shared his views of the GOP’s prospects in 2016 and his candidacy. Among the issues that former Senator Santorum seeks to change in America is immigration, which is "the reason you're seeing wages stagnating is because we have record levels of legal immigration." Santorum also admitted that he thinks President Obama’s climate change bill “won't make a difference”.


Santorum on immigration and its effect on the workforce: “We're bringing people in who will compete against a lot of American workers. In fact, since 2000, the number of American - of native-born Americans working in the workplace has gone down. There are fewer Americans working today who were born in America than there were 15 years ago.”

Santorum on climate change: “Is the climate warming? Clearly over the past, you know, 15 or 20 years the question is yes. The question is, is man having a significant impact on that, number one. And number two, and this is even more important than the first, is there anything we can do about it? And the answer is, is there anything the United States can do about it? Clearly, no. Even folks who accept all of the science by the alarmists on the other side, recognize that everything that's being considered by the United States will have almost - well, not almost, will have zero impact on it given what's going on in the rest of the world. “

Full transcript available below.

January 25th, 2015
12:10 PM ET

Tony Blair on Fareed Zakaria GPS

Today on Fareed Zakaria GPS former British Prime Minister Tony Blair joined CNN's Fareed Zakaria from Davos. Blair said that King Abdullah will be remembered for modernizing Saudi Arabia and as a force for stability in a region of chaos.

Blair on King Abdullah taking on the religious establishment: "This is a discussion I used to have with King Abdullah, and his attitude was, look, this is a, in some ways, a very conservative country. We're doing the change. But let us do it at our own pace. And you can always have a debate as to whether you should accelerate or - and go faster and so on. But what he was really trying to do, I think, was create these vehicles of change in the country. So, for example, Saudi Aramco is the oil company, not run like many oil companies around the world, but actually a really top, well run company. The university he established, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, men and women treated equally, educated equally. And the term science and technology was chosen for a reason. So I think, you know, his view would be that he was moving as fast as he could. I think it was only maybe in the '60s or '70s that Saudi television was accessible.

Full transcript after the jump. FULL POST

January 25th, 2015
12:04 PM ET

WH Chief of Staff on Iran negotiations: "Congress should let us finish this job"

Today on CNN’s State of the Union, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough (Obama Administration) joined CNN host Michael Smerconish (Smerconish airs Saturday’s at 9:00amET on CNN/U.S.) to discuss the recent reported beheading of a Japanese hostage by ISIS, the power shifts in the Middle East and their effects on United States policy, as well as the nuclear negotiations with Iran and the upcoming Israeli elections and the Congressional invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu.


On Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu: “This is the most important relationship we have in the world.  This is something that ought to be and will continue to be, as far as we're concerned, above partisan politics.  This is a relationship, given its importance, that stretches across many different things, from values straight through intelligence cooperation to defense and security assistance.  That's the kinds of things that we will be focused on in this regard.  That's why we think also we ought not get involved in their politics.  That's why the president thinks it doesn't make any sense for us to meet with the prime minister two weeks before his election.”

On Iran: .”We have isolated the Iranians over the course of six years.  We now have robust international multilateral sanctions in place and we have very aggressive bilateral sanctions in place.  That's leading to Iran being isolated, its economy being in tatters, its ability to export and sell oil at near - near record lows.  So, we're going to continue to do that.  We can maintain that international unity by pressing through these last several months of negotiations.  Congress should just give us the time to let those negotiations play out.  It doesn't make any sense for them to prematurely act on legislation that the president will veto if it's going to risk maintaining this international unity.  So, Congress should let us finish this job. “

On recent ISIS hostage situations: “We don't either negotiate or make exchanges or pay ransoms.  We think that results in just more cash floating around with these very hateful characters who will just have more ability to ply their trade.”

Full transcript after the jump. FULL POST

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